Our Story

Michael and I met on the first day of my Senior year and his Junior year at Airline High School. He was the new guy at school, and I was curious to know who he was:) We were both invited to Smoothie King with friends after school and decided to go. I was sitting at the corner table talking with some girl friends when Michael walked in with his buddies. I immediately looked at one of the girls and said, "Who is that??" A conversation struck up between us with him introducing himself and giving me his snapchat to help with a "new class" that I had already took. I came home later that day and mentioned something to mom about the "new guy" at school and how he definitely needed to be set up with a good girl! Little did I know that would ever be me:) Anyways, fast forward to later in the year, he asked for my number and we went on a date shortly after! And there was another date, and then another, and then he asked to make it official on September 30th, 2018!
We have both made many memories together after that day: From pageants, Disney trips, church camps, homecomings, proms, basketball games, cheering and sharing the court together, we truly had the best high school experience! We then both attended Louisiana Tech together and have made so many amazing memories with family, friends, and each other in Ruston, LA! One of my favorite memories we have in college is Michael flying over my Ruston house in an La Tech Plane to wave hello and tell me he was ok. We have had many game days, KD semi's, trips home to see our family, and time spent growing our relationship through triumphs and trials. We thank the Lord over and over for His goodness and provision in bringing us together years ago and for helping us through a crazy and fun past couple of years!
Then, on July 31st, 2022, Michael asked me a very important question: "Will you marry me???" I just about screamed yes on that beautiful Watercolor beach and about squeezed him to death in excitement! 
Now, we are looking forward to 2024 where we get to start our forever together! We thank God for bringing our families together and for always making everything better than we could have ever planned or imagined!